With its iconic orange branding and one-of-a-kind workout experience, Orangetheory Fitness is quickly taking over the Houston market as a leader in exercise. Hailed as the best one-hour workout in the country, Orangetheory Fitness expertly offers an exciting class designed to maximize weight loss and build lean muscle through interval-based strength training. If you haven’t had the chance to experience the experience of an Orangetheory Fitness class, you’re definitely missing out! Now with nine locations in Houston, Orangetheory Fitness is practically a household name and has their sights set on making an impact in the city of Houston. In 2016, Orangetheory Fitness challenged Integrate to help them achieve two major goals of both boosting their online presence and partnering with a local charity to empower the community it calls home.


Integrate soon hit the ground running, putting its marketing and PR skills to work. In order to increase awareness and donations for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston, the team implemented the second annual “Torture the Trainer” campaign - one originally created and launched by Integrate in 2015. With a goal to raise $10,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston, Orangetheory Fitness handed over the reins to Integrate to ensure this year’s Torture the Trainer campaign was a success!


If the title didn’t tip you off completely, ‘Torture the Trainer’ is exactly the kind of revenge you long for in the middle of a hard workout when your trainer just isn’t your favorite person, but with a do good feel. For every dollar donated, a trainer had to complete one exercise (either a jump squat, push-up, burpee, palms to elbows, pop jack and more.) For example, $1 equaled one burpee for one trainer. Or, for those who were feeling particularly tortuous, $100 equaled 100 burpees for one trainer.


For Torture the Trainer, Integrate relied on its bread and butter services which includes an unmatched know-how for traditional media relations, mastery of social media marketing and the facilitation of community partnerships. Media outreach kicked off in mid-November with Integrate securing coverage in The Katy News and with local NBC affiliate KPRC. Through Integrate’s PR expertise, Torture the Trainer was seen by  1,054,833 Houstonians!


Taking to Facebook and Instagram, Integrate cross-promoted the event on all Orangetheory Fitness Houston pages and accounts with a custom Torture the Trainer graphic made in-house by our very talented graphic design team! Integrate arranged Orangetheory’s first ever Facebook Live event, which received 8,137 views! On Instagram, each Orangetheory studio posted media coverage of the workouts and thereafter recapped the successes of each studio’s total donation amount.








At the end of the 12-day campaign, Orangetheory Fitness hosted a watch party at its Sawyer Heights studio and presented the proceeds check in the amount of $20,675.55 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston--more than double the amount of the original goal! With such support, Integrate’s efforts afforded BBBS the opportunity to expand their influence and recognition to new communities.


Overall, Torture the Trainer was a stellar campaign that garnered outstanding results for both Orangetheory Fitness and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston, alike. On the social end, through Integrate’s Facebook advertising, Torture the Trainer reached a total of 412,907 users and received 470 combined likes and comments. Traffic to Orangetheory’s website rose by 76% from November to December and social media referrals soared 42% from November. As an added bonus, Integrate was also able to secure a working partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston and has opened its staff and clients to future volunteer and business opportunities with the non-profit.


We loved working with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston and can’t wait to get started on our next project together! Torture the Trainer is a campaign that Orangetheory Fitness can continue to run with for years to come with Integrate by its side. A big thank you to the OTF team for being such a stellar client - a big job well done to all involved!


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