The scene is late 2016. It’s October—prime election season and the news-cycle is filled to the brim with candidate hubbub and political gossip. Meanwhile, hot on the heels of wedding fever and the Jewish holidays, Three Brothers Bakery is moving into their slow season. Despite the election clutter, Three Brothers was eager to bypass the lull of Fall and cut through the election noise to bolster sales. Cue Integrate!


It’s no secret that Integrate has a sweet-tooth. Take a lap through the office any day of the week and chances are high you’ll run into: a) cookies, b) cupcakes, or c) cookies and cupcakes. What can we say? We like to treat ourselves. So, it’s no surprise that our oldest client is the Houston home-team of bakeries: Three Brothers Bakery. Home of America’s best Key Lime Pie, the SNL-famous Pumpecapple Piecake (almost as fun to say as it is to eat), and the planet’s most charismatic Gingerbread cookie (Gingy), Three Brothers has creatively satisfied Houston’s dessert cravings for nearly 70 years. Naturally,  a creative dessert was the perfect solution to a difficult problem.


Step One: The Cookies

The team quickly surmised  that talking over the election madness would be tedious and inefficient. Instead, we opted to capitalize on it. Three Brothers rolled out their new dip-dec cookies: fluffy gingerbread dipped in white chocolate featuring the edible faces of none other than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. A third cookie featured the handsome mug of the bakery’s very own Gingy. The products showcased Three Brothers’ knack for treats that are as creative as they are delicious, while also striking a thematic chord within the current news climate-- a scintillating triple threat.


Step Two: The Contest

Over the next three-months, Three Brothers Bakery became election central. Customers could come in and purchase any of the three new gingerbreads to cast their “vote” for their candidate of choice. Gingy, of course, was a scrumptious neutral option. Each location tallied their “votes,” while back at the office, the Integrate graphic design team made weekly graphics to communicate the results over Three Brothers’ social media channels. The result was a fun and friendly departure from the stress of the actual election. Absent were the cutthroat candidate rivalries that plagued the news and present was our client, Three Brothers Bakery providing a light and delicious way to show party allegiance. Who knew gingerbread was the safe haven we all needed?




Step Three: The Communication

On the Integrate side, our hands were full--and not only with cookies. We broadcasted the competition on both Three Brothers’ and Integrate’s social media channels, interfaced with Houston news channels, and hand-delivered cookies to many a hungry voter. The result was a cookie campaign that breached the news barricade and propelled Three Brothers Bakery into the social media spotlight. By the campaign’s end, Three Brothers’ monthly Facebook and Twitter engagement doubled. Prior to the campaign, Three Brothers’ Instagram following was averaging 93 new followers a month. By the close of the cookie competition, their follower count jumped to 550. Impression-wise, over 2,212,436 people saw the campaign!


Step Four: The Keep

When we set out on this gingerbread journey, the sales goal was $4,000 extra dollars across all three locations. Ultimately, Three Brothers Bakery sold 3,270 candidate cookies, amounting to $16,186.50 in additional cookie pay. The cookie campaign was a breakout success, and proved to be a tasty gift moving into the holiday season.


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