The glory of a cutting-edge company like Snapchat is no-brakes innovation. What started as a little ghost trapped in a yellow box is now the choice social media platform for the world’s youth (with a striking reach of 41% of Americans aged 18 to 34.) The Snap gods pioneered timed-picture IM’ing and invented the very concept of “Stories.” They pumped out geo-filters and that one funky pig filter that makes your voice sound like you inhaled a gallon of helium for breakfast, gifted us with the new Snap Map, and now they’ve given us Custom Stories!


Since their inception in October 2013, Snap Stories have been a social media gamechanger, directly steering the course of similar products on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and a bevy of other knock-offs. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, Custom Stories takes the wonders of the Snap Stories mechanic -- the intuitive curation of a personal scrapbook of your event/day/life for the world to see -- and makes it a group project.


No longer will you attempt a swanky and daring pose in a group photo only to have to hold that same swanky and daring pose for fifteen minutes while twenty different people take the same picture for their individual stories. Those dark days are behind us. Custom Stories allows for the creation, curation and circulation of a cooperative story. With only a few touches, you can allow contribution and viewership to anyone you want. Want to make a geo-fenced Custom Story? You can! Want to allow only certain friends the ability to add? You can do that too. The catch is tiny: you can only make up to three Custom Stories at once. Luckily, you can be a part of as many others as you’d like! And like any old Snap Story, a Custom Story will automatically vanish after 24 hours of no new additions.


For the PR world, Custom Stories take the organized chaos that is planning and curating a quality event that much easier. Being able to add influencers to one giant story at your company’s discretion helps to ensure the total streamlined success of Snapchat coverage. Not to mention all the sweet time saved by eliminating the need for duplicates of the same picture.


But more than anything, Custom Stories is an opportunity to be more in the moment. The world adores Snapchat -- the numbers speak for themselves -- but it’s so easy to toil away a whole event on Snapchat trying to build the perfect Story. Imagine it’s the day of your wedding, and instead of Snapping away, your friends can take the wheel while you dance, dance, dance the night away. Let your parents  enjoy a decadent glass of wine at their 30th anniversary party, resting easy that you and everyone else has their moment covered. With Snapchat’s Custom Stories, collaborative storytelling is only a tap and add away.

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