Now That’s #instaworthy

It’s that time again! Instagram has unveiled its newest update changing the way that photos are shared! Now you don’t have to worry about scrolling through your pictures to decide which is the most “Insta-worthy.”


So, how does it work? Users first select the option to post multiple pictures and then choose which pictures they want to post. Users can upload up to 10 photos at the click of a button. Not only can users post multiple photos, Instagram has also added the feature to share up to 10 videos in a single post.

Now, Instagram users are able to scroll through a post and look at multiple pictures in a single post. While everyone hasn’t quite caught on to Instagram’s newest feature, it is changing the way that users and brands can share what they do, show off products and attract audiences to an event, brand or company – cue the marketing aspect. With this newest update, how are Integrate, our clients and other companies adapting?


For starters, our client, Revolution Studio, took advantage of Instagram’s gallery tool to commemorate its Memorial City location’s third birthday. The photos included in the gallery allowed viewers to get a sneak peek into how Revolution Studio celebrated the birthday, without bombarding fans with too many posts. In the always-changing world of social media, viewers want a way to see more and become more interactive, and Instagram’s gallery tool achieves this desire.








Likewise, Social Media Account Executive, Jessica Portillo, recently used the galleria tool for Memorial City Mall’s Instagram account. When deciding between using a collage or the gallery tool, she explained that with a collage, you lose the details in photos. With a gallery, though, you can showcase the quality of photos, and viewers will spend more time looking at the content and stay engaged.


Outside of the Integrate office, another company utilizing this tool is KITH NYC, a clothing and shoe company with locations in New York and Miami Beach. By simply scrolling through this company’s Instagram account, users can immediately tell that its marketing department has jumped on the gallery bandwagon. KITH uses the gallery tool to market its varying shoe styles, as each image either displays a different shoe or a different angle which draws viewers in to make a decision about the individual products.








The Cheesecake Factory also used the tool to advertise and promote the different meals that were being offered on Margarita Day. As if one picture didn’t get your mouth watering, just imagine what multiple photos can do. The post isn’t only meant to stimulate fans’ taste buds, but also draws them in to dine at the Cheesecake Factory. The marketing team at the Cheesecake Factory knows that aesthetically appealing pictures like this will draw customers into its restaurants. Additionally, by adding in the caption that viewers can swipe between different pictures, this creates an interaction between the audience and the company, which only further connects with customers.


While this latest add-on for Instagram is still somewhat new, it will be interesting to see how companies and organizations utilize it to promote and market themselves. Here at Integrate, we are already loving using the gallery tool on many of our clients’ Instagram accounts.






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