The start of the 2016 academic school year ushered in a whirlwind of media coverage when news of a Texas teacher’s “No Homework Policy” note to parents went viral. Because the Integrate team loves an opportunity to showcase our clients and the great work they are doing (not to mention, we are always quick on our toes), it was no question to offer our education client’s expert opinion on the subject thanks to what we like to call reactive media outreach. Let’s start at the beginning.


In December 2014, Integrate began utilizing public relations to build awareness for Firat Educational Solutions (FES). Founded by Ibrahim and Josephine Firat, FES provides state-of-the-art educational consulting for students of any age, from two years old through college and grad school. FES is based in Houston but can help students throughout the country or internationally on standardized/specialized tests, the college application process, school subjects and more. Locally, FES can help parents and students identify the best/right grade school and high school.


Each new student receives a one-on-one consultation with Ibrahim who then assesses his/her educational goals and creates a tailored plan to achieve said goals. The company also provides academic coaching that gives students access to several group tutoring sessions, roundtables and resume-building workshops.


So…what’s all this talk about reactive media coverage that we mentioned earlier? A large part of the Integrate team’s success in securing media placements for our clients begins with our ongoing commitment to monitoring local, regional and national news stories and conversations surrounding different issues pertaining to each of our clients. For a client that focuses on education, like FES, our team works to monitor relevant news stories like the “No Homework Policy” note to react, by presenting expert opinions to media outlets covering the topic.


Flash forward to August 2016 when the “No Homework Policy” gained momentum within different local and national news outlets. The story made major waves through both broadcast news (that means TV!) and across social media channels. In this case, Integrate picked up on the buzz and determined it was a perfect opportunity for FES to “react” to the coverage. Within hours of the story breaking nationally, Integrate worked with Dr. Nick Morgan, Chief Academic Officer of FES, to share his expert opinion on the viral letter and policy to the local news stations.


With the help of Integrate’s rapid media outreach, the local Houston news crew at KHOU was eager to speak with Dr. Morgan and pick his brain about his view on the note. KHOU reporter, Rekha Mudderaj, interviewed Dr. Morgan and the story aired during the 4 p.m. news, raking in an outstanding 78,180 impressions! High-five, FES!



In conjunction with the on-air TV coverage, Rekha also conducted a Facebook Live segment on the KHOU Facebook page featuring Dr. Morgan elaborating on FES’ perspective of the hype surrounding the notorious “no homework policy” note and its impact on education. The Facebook Live video generated a huge reach, with 724,319 unique views. Double high-fives are in order!


In cases like these, reactive media outreach is an essential communication strategy that works wonders in public relations for clients like Firat Educational Solutions. Integrate thrives on enhancing clients’ images and raising awareness for their brands through media relations. We may be biased, but we have to say that Integrate’s public relations strategies and Firat Educational Solutions’ academic services are a great match!



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