Team Integrate Celebrates National Bring Your Parents to Work Day

Fall days at the Integrate office keep our rockstars busy, but we always make sure to take the time to celebrate our hard work. For the first time, we jumped at the chance to celebrate National Bring Your Parents to Work Day…something our leading lady, Allie, has been dreaming up for years!


On November 4, Integrate team members invited their parents to join the team during the work day to get a better idea of what it is exactly that their kiddos do for a living (no, we don’t just play on Facebook all day!). Parents arrived at 3 pm and immediately dove into our marketing, public relations and social media world.


The first half hour was spent mingling, getting to know their kids’ colleagues and touring the office. Every member of the Integrate team showed their families exactly where the hard work happens, starting with their own desks. Soon after, we moved into the conference room for an in-depth presentation about each of the services Integrate offers, and how the team works to implement those services for our clients.


Our fearless leader and President of Integrate, Allie Danziger, began by telling the story of how Integrate was born and explained a bit about each team member’s role in public relations, social media, community relations, marketing and our consultation services. Several of our team members then took their turns sharing more about their individual roles and the award-winning services they provide to clients each and every day.


A fun twist on the event allowed the Integrate team to turn the tables on the parents to get their creative juices flowing following the presentation! We broke out into small groups to brainstorm strategies for a fictional client. The Integrate parents had 20 minutes to come up with an idea to pitch to the “client” to try to reach the client’s overall goal.



It should be noted: Integrate parents don’t hold back when it comes to creativity! Ideas presented spanned from small and detailed marketing tactics to vast and extravagant social media strategies. Our team adored getting to see our loved ones, though out of their normal element, having a great time working together to think in our integrated communications environment, and getting a feel for what our real-life brainstorm sessions look like.


We concluded the amazing afternoon on our rooftop terrace, enjoying a lovely happy hour with a gorgeous breeze. One thing is certain – by walking around in our shoes for an afternoon, our families will no longer mistake our time spent on social media as playing around on Facebook all day!


We can’t wait to make this national holiday an annual tradition.


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