Meet Integrate’s Newest Rockstars

We’ve been so busy lately, we never properly introduced you to the three newest additions to our team, Holly, Shelby and Kelsey. Holly and Shelby have been kicking booty, taking names and making their clients look good since March. Our most recent intern, turned full-time rockstar, Kelsey, officially became a full-time member of our team at Integrate last week!


Holly Fairdosi

Favorite social media channel: Snapchat! The authentic, real-time element separates it from other platforms like Instagram or Facebook.


Hashtag you're most likely to use: #themoreyouknow or #didyouknow. There's always something to learn when scrolling through socials!


Favorite Integrate "win" since you've been on the team: I introduced one of my clients, Revolution Studio, to a freelance writer (Ellie Sharp) and it opened up a huge opportunity for them! I coordinated an interview with Ellie and the owner of Revolution, and she is currently working on a story to feature them in Houstonia Magazine. She loves Revolution so much now that she even canceled her membership at her YMCA to dedicate more time to Revolution (secretly ringing bells on the inside)!

Kelsey McCullough

Favorite social media channel: Twitter for sure! It's my favorite way to keep up with what's going on in the world.


Hashtag you're most likely to use: #GigEm, for all things Texas A&M!


Favorite Integrate "win" since you've been on the team: I really enjoyed creating competitive analyses for various clients as an intern. A thorough competitive analysis lays the Integrate team’s groundwork as the research efforts that then enable us to create effective marketing strategies. I loved being a part of this process and can’t wait to take this research one step further by implementing strategies for clients.



Shelby Butler

Favorite social media channel: Instagram-- it's a fun challenge to create a witty caption that sums up a beautiful image, perfectly.


Hashtag you're most likely to use: #food- mainly because I'm most likely eating (as I munch on my animal crackers as I write this).


Favorite Integrate "win" since you've been on the team: One on my biggest accomplishments as a Jr. Social Media AE at Integrate thus far has been increasing Laura U's Instagram follower count by nearly 2,000 within my first four months, and developing strategies to gain even more followers. One such strategy that led to boosts in follower growth has been creating posts with vendor information and tagging those vendors, which incentivized them to share the posts with their followers as well. As a result, we’ve been able to partner with several of these vendors for multiple Instagram takeovers, including a recent takeover with Decor For Kids that resulted in 250+ followers to the Laura U account in one week alone!

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