Instagram Changes the Game with New Zoom Feature

Attention: Instagram has released Instagram Zoom! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!


The photo app gods have finally answered our prayers! Gone are the days of screenshotting a photo on Instagram to get a closer (pixelated) look at minor details. At the beginning of this month, Instagram made leaps and bounds in the app world by introducing the new Zoom feature. Currently available only on iPhone, users can now easily pinch a photo to view objects in greater detail. So what does this mean for the Integrate team and the rest of the world?


Let’s start with the impact the new feature has already had on social media marketing and advertising campaigns. Whether it’s revealing contests, guessing games or punchlines to jokes – marketing teams are having fun with creative posts that utilize the zoom feature.


One brand showing some love for Zoom is TurboTax. The company that takes the stress out of tax season used the Zoom feature to launch a scavenger hunt contest. After zooming in on the photo, TurboTax promises a prize to the first person to comment with the correct location of the hidden object. This tactic goes beyond just the Instagram Zoom feature. In fact, in terms of marketing tactics and public engagement, we give this photo contest two thumbs, way up!


Switching gears, Bud Light is another corporation making great use of the new Instagram Zoom feature. The beer mogul created a post to show off the new flavor from its Lime-a-rita line. At first glance, the photo might prove hard to discern, but the caption instructs users to zoom in to find its new cherry flavor buried in a sea of cherries – making a consumer possibly crave the drink that much more! If one thing is certain, it’s that Bud Light made the most of the Instagram Zoom bandwagon!


The Cheesecake Factory created a fun game for fans, by posting a photo with 12 cheesecakes (as if seeing one wasn’t hard enough to look at without making our stomachs growl!) with the object being to find the two that are alike by zooming in.


The campaign forces The Cheesecake Factory followers to zero in on each cheesecake more closely – hello subliminal advertising! The restaurant’s marketing team knows just what its publics want, and in this case, Instagram Zoom lets followers take the cake!


Instagram Zoom is still a fairly new update. We’re eager to see if companies see a spike in engagement across any of the campaigns they’ve created. Cue in Integrate… Because our team integrates a wide variety of communications methods, Instagram Zoom creates new opportunities to be that much more creative with our client’s social media presences.


The famous social network is set to release an Android version in the coming weeks so the rest of the smart phone world will be on the same page with Team iPhone. The Integrate team will be hard at work coming up with unique imagery that takes advantage of Zoom and we can’t wait to see what other campaigns take off.



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