As an adult, you might long for a more elevated cinematic experience aside from the sticky-floored memories of your movie-going youth. Say, one with a full menu of craft beer and wine, gourmet burgers and the kind of surround sound that makes you feel alive. Texas-born Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas prides itself on providing the highest caliber of movie-going experience. You get the comforting certainty that no brightly-lit cell phone screen is going to ruin your time--Alamo has a strict zero tolerance policy for these types of things. You’ll be floored by the theater’s cutting edge projection technology and fully satiated by their outstanding concessions. Hello, truffled parmesan popcorn.


While known as the quintessential movie theater for cinephiles and regular moviegoers alike in Austin, Alamo Drafthouse has struggled to establish that same cult following in its new neighborhood of Houston. With a need for local recognition, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema put Integrate’s skills to the test by challenging the agency to create a Houston-centric campaign accomplishing the following goals: to position the cinema as a leader in its industry and a hub for both special events and regular movie-going, drive traffic and boost awareness of both Houston Alamo Drafthouse locations and solidify Alamo Drafthouse as the local expert on film and community.



With a mind to blow these objectives out of the park, Integrate cultivated a stellar strategy centered around the 88th Annual Academy Awards in 2016 that would situate Alamo Drafthouse Houston as the most prominent Oscar-centric movie theater in the city. Not only would this campaign show off Alamo’s unmatched knowledge and reverence for film, but also carve out an inclusive space for Alamo’s new neighbors and community to enjoy the location and all the Oscar-nominated films.


Sure it all sounds easy on paper, but, how do you actually cut through the noise of all the other typical Oscar coverage? You get creative. Integrate supplemented each of their traditional media pitches with a personalized souvenir. Partnering with a local promotions business, Integrate worked to create 22 miniature Oscar replicas to award Alamo Drafthouse Houston’s “favorite” members of media--complete with their names and award titles indicative of their on-air personalities. With titles like “Spiciest News Anchor” awarded to hot sauce-fiend Rita Garcia of Fox26, “Ultimate Foodie in Houston” to CultureMap’s food blogger, Eric Sandler and “Biggest (Social) Media Butterfly” awarded to KHOU’s ‘Insta-famous’ Lily Jang, Integrate made sure each award was fun, original and worthy of each recipient. You can check out some of the winners below, after the blog.


As they say, a little bit of love and recognition goes a long way, as the statues were well received by the recipients and was covered numerous times across TV, radio and social media to large and varied audiences. The impact didn’t cease there, as recognition from Houston’s media elite helped to impart to the city how unique and dynamic Alamo Drafthouse Houston is as a movie theater and haven for movie buffs. The statues, while cool and thoughtful, also afforded Alamo Drafthouse the added bonus of longevity, as these awards would grace the desks of each influencer for days to come. Through this sort of tangible marketing, Integrate ensured that Alamo Drafthouse Houston would still be relevant long after the Oscars wrapped.


At the end of the campaign, general awareness and publicity of Alamo Drafthouse Houston increased with their January and February combined revenue up from the previous year.. The 2016 January and February national box office revenue also increased in comparison to 2015, with Alamo Drafthouse Houston at the center of this growth! Through Integrate’s media coordination, the Oscars campaign reached more than 1 million Houstonians. To put this into perspective, Houston has around 2.4 million residents, which means nearly half of the city saw some form of media surrounding Alamo Drafthouse Houston’s Oscars campaign! It’s amazing to see the impact of Integrate’s strategic creativity and the overwhelming effect it had on Houston media, its influencers and most importantly, Alamo Drafthouse Houston’s business. You might say it was an Oscar-worthy performance by the Integrate team!


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