Houston’s luxurious fitness center, The Houstonian Club, is a community of individuals striving to improve health and fitness standards through exclusive physical activity programs. Located in the heart of Houston, Texas and with over 6,000 members, the club appeals to a variety of clientele with common wellness goals. With programs in aquatics, group exercise, fitness and yoga – The Houstonian Club initially sought out Integrate’s help to engage its members in internal communication, through social media strategies.


If there is one thing to be said about the members of the Houstonian Club, it might just be that their dedication to healthy competition is an undeniable quality! After working with the Houstonian Club since September 2015, Integrate learned first-hand that club members are serious about their health and fitness! At the start of the 2016, Integrate began a new social media campaign to help enhance member presence and engagement online, while inspiring members to show off their pride for their Houstonian Club fitness achievements.


Keeping the club’s goals in mind, the Integrate team dreamed up a strategy and then launched a health and fitness contest on Instagram and Facebook in January 2016. The rules of the contest were simple. Members were encouraged to post pictures of themselves at fitness center photo stations and caption the photo with the newly created hashtag #HoustonianClubStrong. The campaign would start in January, and run through the end of March 2016.


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At the end of each month, one member would be selected to receive special luxury prizes, such as a complimentary stay at the Houstonian Hotel, a 50-minute massage at Houstonian’s Trellis Spa and a free 1-hour personal training session at the club. With 141 entries submitted in the 3-month period, Houstonian Club members created a strong presence online, all in the hopes of becoming the lucky winner to receive the coveted gift certificate prizes – not to mention, bragging rights around the club.


The social media campaign was a booming success and, in addition to the 141 entries, rendered incredible membership morale for the Houstonian Club. After the competition officially ended in March, members continued to post photos on their personal Facebook and Instagram accounts showcasing how each was “Houstonian Club Strong,” ultimately inspiring a continuation of the campaign.


Leading into the summer months, the #HoustonianClubStrong trend kept momentum from the contest, and was transformed into a tagline of sorts that only members of the Houstonian Club could use. Because membership showed such enthusiasm for the campaign, organically keeping it going on their own, Integrate saw opportunity to capitalize, and keep members engaged in social conversations surrounding health and fitness even outside of the club’s walls.


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Beginning July 11, 2016, #HoustonianClubStrong turned into #HoustonianClubStrongTravels! Much like the initial competition that Integrate executed at the beginning of the year, the summer contest started in July and ended September 1, challenging members of the club to post pictures to Instagram and Facebook, but this time, showing off summer travels that involved physical activity. Members did not disappoint, and soon the Houstonian Club social media platforms were taking off, reaching nearly 21,000 users through Instagram alone!


Thanks to the success of these campaigns, the Houstonian Club hashtag, #HoustonianClubStrong, is now a marketing tool that acts as a form of brand identity for the club. The motto #HoustonianClubStrong created a sense of unity, and connects each individual who goes to the club.


The goals of the campaign were absolutely met in that Houstonian Club members are now a fitness community that engages not only inside of the club, but out of the club and with the club, through social media, as well. Integrate’s strategy to enhance the club’s social media presence specifically within its membership is still continuing even though the contest has ended, and members continue to show pride in being associated with the Houstonian Club brand through the use of its hashtag. Integrate’s social media campaign really proved to be #HoustonianClubStrong!


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Photo Credit: @thehoustonianclub via Instagram


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